Group Workshops 90’| €18/workshop | €72/quarterly (4 workshops)

Join different yoga workshops in Amsterdam. There is a variation of themes and classes to choose from so feel free to try different workshops and see which is one is best for you. New workshops are added on a regular basis.

All levels are welcome, and each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Priority to reserved and paid classes and then first-come, first-served. You can pay here below (CC & PayPal), on Eventbrite, or on location (only PIN). You can also choose to contact me and pay in advance by invoice.

✓improve your flexibility and range of motion ✓compliment your cardio and resistance activities ✓regulate your body's energy flow ✓improve your concentration and practice patience and stillness

Fitness Yoga

(body work & positive energy) 

Saturdays (9/2, 16/3, 13/4, 11/5)

€18/90’ workshop | €72/quarterly (all 4 workshops)

14:30pm – 16:00pm at The Movement Practice

Open to any level of practice, this yoga class is all about getting our heart rate up and end with work on our connective tissue. You’ll leave the class feeling happily energised to enjoy the rest of your day.

Release Yoga

(yoga for flexibility)

March, Saturdays (9/3, 16/3, 23/3, 30/3)

€18/90’ workshop

11:45am – 13:15pm at Studio Da Vasco

  • 9/3 Tension Release Yoga Workshop

  • 30/3 Yoga For Flexibility Workshop

Open to all levels, this is an assisted yoga workshop (2 teachers in class) so that you can have our full attention making sure that you follow through the right way. It’s an introductory workshop to give you the full perspective of what a yang and yin yoga practice can look like.

€11/60’ class

11:45am – 12:45pm at Studio Da Vasco

  • 23/3 Yin Yoga

Get your asanas to gently guide you in a relaxing state of mind. All levels welcome. With a combination of breathing and restorative poses, this class is perfect for those who are looking to unwind after a busy week.