Homemade Roasted Figs (Sugar-Free Snack)

This one is such an easy, yummy snack. I make figs all sorts of ways: as a starter, to serve with wine and cheese, or add it to my breakfast bowls. The figs you see in this picture were oven roasted, blended in the mixer, and maintained in the fridge. Super easy and better than the ready-made ones.


Roasted figs


  • 10 fresh figs
  • Raw honey (if you prefer you can use coconut sugar, or brown sugar, or whatever sweetener you are into)
  • cinnamon and fresh thyme


  1. Wash the figs good and slice them in two (skin on).
  2. Place them in a baking tray together with the cinnamon, the thyme, and the sugar.
  3. Bake in a preheated fan or conventional oven at 180°C for 40'. If you prefer to have a more liquid version and use it like jam, then baking time should be around 30' instead. 
  4. Let them cool for 15' and put them in a blender together with honey.
  5. Put the mixture in small silicone trays and keep them in the fridge. 
  6. Serve with cheese or eat as desert. They can also be perfect to add when making energy balls. 

It's a winner!


breakfast bowl figs