Easy & Gluten-Free Bagels


Why would I write and post a recipe with only two ingredients? I mean why make a proper blog post about Two-Ingredient Bagels? Because they are so good I need to have them online, they need to be part of my recipes blog! I want these babies on my list of easy, delicious and gluten-free snacks.

Only two ingredients we need:


  • 1 Cup Gluten-Free Flour

  • 1 Cup Greek Yoghurt


  1. Knead flour and yogurt together for a minute maximum and then cut in round shapes and poke a hole in the middle.

  2. Maybe you want to brush them with an egg and add toppings like sesame seeds or flaxseeds or anything you fancy.

  3. Bake at 180 °C or at 200°C for the last 10’ until slightly golden brown.

Eat them warm or store them for later, either way you’ll be amazed at what you can do with just two-ingredients and the minimum effort! Okay, this last one…it can get a bit messy because the dough is sticky so be aware.