Why I Stopped Eating Processed Food

I ate 3 donuts yesterday. Within 3 hours or so. It wasn't my intention. I was just curious. I had to try what was each flavour about. Fit life went wrong. 

And I received so many messages from friends about this.  I'm supposed to be the one who motivates people to stay away from processed anything. I could just update the story and say, "hey guys, I actually did this because of research for my blog. Nothing to worry about, I'm still the solid person you know I am." Truth is I wanted to see what's the filling like in each one of the donuts. Really. That's the truth. And after one bite, I was hooked. I like sugar, I have a sweet tooth, but when I keep away from it, I don't crave for it. So I don't know how this happened. We were tasting each and every one and rating them lol and I was like, "right, I'm done now. I'll feel bad tomorrow." 

And I did. I was bad for the next 3 days. Seriously, eating 3 donuts made me sick for days. And I don't mean that I had an allergic reaction to anything, or stomach issues, there's nothing wrong with the donuts. I was out of energy, mild headache, brain fog, impossible to concentrate. My skin and hair, don't ask. Waking up in the morning was so difficult. 

The first time I stayed off sugar for more than 3 weeks, I felt amazing. It was a revelation. Until then, I never had to think about eating healthy (whatever "healthy" means to each one of us). I could always get away with everything, thin and healthy. Or so I thought. 

After I had my son I realised I had to make some effort to feel and look good. I couldn't lose the weight and I was always without energy, moody, slow. I decided to stay off anything processed for 3 weeks. What happened to me, it was a revelation. I got back my energy, I was (almost) always happy, my skin was glowing, a feeling like I could do anything.

If you never tried to stay away from processed products for a longer period, please do. You'll be a different person. I'm not talking about dieting, I'm talking about eating everything that's not in a box with more than 3 ingredients on the back label. I avoid processed food, although I admit I love cookies and crisps, and pies, and ice-creams.  I can't say that the healthy version of the processed goodies taste as good, but if you train your taste buds you'll even love energy bites more than an ice-cream. 

And I don't believe in moderation. I do eat bad from time to time. The good news about it is that when I'm back to my normal fit self, it feels great again. It's a nice reset. And I remind myself again why it's worth it to pass on that cookie pack on the supermarket isle. 

Next blog post: How to stay away from processed food-stay tuned. 

yummy love,