Which Bedtime Routine Is the Sleepiest?

One truth people, one truth. The sleepiest bedtime routine is the one where you go to bed early and sleep without disruption. That's the sleepiest. 

I don't go to bed early and sometimes I don't sleep all in one go. But...at least I try to do things that relax my mind and my body will follow.

Whenever I have time or energy, I go for a walk. Even when it's cold. Even if it's just around the corner. One more reason I love city living. Then I go to bed. Straight. No screens

Not that this happens very often. I wish it was, I wish I was that disciplined. Because I'm convinced it's working and I'm convinced it's good for us. Out and about free from online distractions. 

I always do a twist though, every night. Lay in bed, get one leg over the other and twist both legs in the opposite direction away from your shoulders. Stay in the twist at least 3' on each side. 

And then it's the pranayama breathing. It sounds more fluff than it is. It's a breathing exercise that regulates your breath and it's based on some ancient Indian practice. I believe it works. I breathe 4 counts in and 6 counts out (or 8 counts out depending on the day I had and the patience I'm left with). 

Having a shower wakes me up so I do it before 9 pm to give me time to relax. But. A warm bath with Epsom salts (BIG applause for Epsom salts) is a deep relaxation guarantee. Great for aching muscles (especially if you did some rigorous exercise a few hours before), and you have your days magnesium intake all in one go. 

But the best way to relax and fall asleep instantly is...by reading a book. By the time I'm on my second page, I'm already asleep. There's no hope I'll ever finish this book if I pick it up only at bedtime, but at least I get to a zen state of mind before I snooze. You got to lose a little.