Why I'm Launching a Free 5-Day Yoga Challenge

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So I concede.

There’s more to free online challenges than meets the eye.

And before I start with the reasons why I’m launching this Free 5-Day Yoga Challenge (starting Monday Sept, 23rd) let me tell you that it’s not about persuading, it’s about explaining. If you guys will be influenced by me explaining and you go ahead and become this person with a daily fitness routine, then that’s great. That’s more than I’d hoped for. If not, then you’ll be ready next time you join. Or maybe next time you join I’ll be better at explaining. It’s all about growing, both teachers and students. Another thing to mention before moving on is that I’m not selling anything at the beginning, during, or at the end of this fun fitness challenge. Yes, I do put my name out there and I do get to know you better (and I’ll talk about that more in detail below) but there will be no programme, no product for you to buy when joining the challenge. And to make sure it doesn’t come across the wrong way: I don’t find anything wrong with free challenges that sell something. I actually find it logical. If someone’s offering good content, good guidance, good advice why not direct you to buy more of this later? It could also be a guarantee for a level of professionalism. They put effort and time and maybe money to offer something for free. If it’s good value and they are open and real about it, then, of course, they’d have to market their product to us. So nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, I won’t be selling anything because my reasons are different. So why do I do this?

  • I’d like to share my success story. Self-centred? Yes, with a drop of altruism. I’m myself amazed at all the new feelings and positive changes that happened to me ever since I decided to consistently practice yoga. And considering I’m not new to fitness and exercise this is a real surprise. I’ve always been an advocate of body movement to improve quality of life. So, this is a revelation even for me, the fitness advocate. Creating a free yoga challenge will help me work with more of you for a short period of time and share my enthusiasm even with people who wouldn’t pay for a service like this. So, I love the fact I’ll get to reach and help people whom I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. I’d like you to experience the same, I’m here to save you (no joke).

  • Onto practical stuff: whoever joins this challenge will be a study case for my work. I won’t measure anyone’s commitment or progress but your feedback will be valuable for me and my work. If during this yoga challenge I can get honest feedback from real people well, then I’d offer my time and experience for free another time around. I’d like your feedback.

  • Which brings me to the next reason that has more to do with my development as a guide. Learn from all of you, the people joining the challenge, and improve myself and who I am as a person. A bit different from the feedback about how you experience the challenge. I’ll learn from me about me while guiding you. Priceless experience. It’s the same reward I receive whenever I teach in person. Every class I teach, I learn new things about myself. I’d like you to teach me.

  • The obvious reason: bring some fun and community vibe into our lives for 5 days! Share our energy and make this a nice fun game to give a nice twist to our busy days-connecting with people who want to connect over this? Bring it on! Nothing more to say about this. I’d like to be with you in a group for 5 days.

But sure there are more commercial reasons on why I decided to create this challenge?

  • Learning more about my clients and who my target market is.

  • As a content and brand professional I’m always looking for new content marketing strategies.

  • Learn to be consistent with going on video and enjoy it while doing so.

  • Although I won’t be selling anything I would still represent myself as a yoga and fitness guide to a targeted audience, an audience who voluntarily decides to join a fitness challenge for what it is.

If you haven’t registered yet you can do that here. See you on Monday, September 23rd!

Sofia Simeonidou is a (food and fitness) editor and writer, a fitness trainer, and a RYT certified Yoga teacher. She’s known for the positive energy she brings to all her clients and classes. When she's not writing or teaching yoga, you'll find her running her content and web-design company in Amsterdam.