Oh, Facebook

You know how I write about staying fit, eat good, take care of your mental state, breathe out stress? I write because I'm a fitness instructor on training, because I have a passion for good food, exercise, and anything wellness. But I also write because I want to learn from myself and from our tribe. I write so that I can hear it myself. A little dictation goes a long way for a girl like me.

And so, I'll tell you my Facebook withdrawal story. Almost withdrawal. Almost.  

I'm not the addicted type. Although I'm disciplined, and I have some control issues, which is a good recipe to easily get obsessed with things. Good news for me, I'm also a very curious person, I love to change, and mix things up every once in a while. So I know I can't obsess over Facebook. It's not who I am. I had to stop scrolling down aimlessly. Before coffee, when in line for lunch, during commute hour. Oh, horror of all horrors. Habit is stronger than our fingers. It's almost like that moment long time ago, when I ate almost a whole chocolate cake standing above the garbage bin. That feeling of I'm throwing it now, but let me have it all first.  

And like the conscious, goal driven person that I am, one day I cut down on Facebook. It's been 6 months, and it's something that took no effort. I deleted the mobile app, I scheduled my Facebook online time, and I made a list of what's important for me to read when on it. Everything else will have to wait. I go online mostly after dinner, I visit some group and people pages I'm interested in, and briefly check on my notification messages. That's it. And it still takes some time. But that I'm willing to give. Anything that's worth my time, I'll know it. We all do. And yes, maybe when I feel like it, when I really want to have a "brain-freeze" moment, I'll scroll down. 

Don't get me wrong, I need Facebook. I like Facebook. I only want to avoid investing time to the same useless information we all reproduce at some point. And I love some groups, and business pages. I recently created a Facebook page for the fit sisters. I know Facebook engagement is low, I'm still not sure if my (you) guys are hanging out on Facebook enough. But I'll set some time aside to dig into it. If you are like me, spending less and less time on it, maybe I need to work on my content to make it more relevant. Because I really want us to click. That's for those of you, not on Instagram. For the rest, you know I'm an Insta girl at heart. 

the fit sisters Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fitsisters/

I believe in strong connections. We all look for solutions. Just all solutions aren't for everyone. So select who, what, and how to follow.  I had the right "who", and "what", but the "how" wasn't working for me. Just reflect. Reflect. And reflect again. 

Love, xxx