Inside My Grocery Bag-Part 1

Hey all, this is a bit of a spontaneous post. I received a very sweet message in my inbox about what kind of super food I buy, and if I always buy the healthy food I post on my Instagram account @thefitsisters_  

The answer is yes, I buy a lot of "healthy" food, but not always. There are products we don't eat anymore, mostly processed stuff. We do get the odd cookie here and there, or mayo jars, jalapeño sauces, crisps (I love crisps), ready-made pizza dough, etc. But we try to limit the times we fall for it. It's difficult, especially because I have a 5-year-old at home. If it was up to him we'd eat spaghetti and cookies every day. I don't believe in "moderation is key", but I'll write something about that in another post. 

I took this video (my very first video, ever!) just back from the eco store. I didn't plan it, and I know it looks as if we feed ourselves exclusively with nuts and fruits, but we don't!  So next time I'm at the regular grocery store, I'll register that bag as well.  Just to balance out this saint eco bag you see here. It's just a coincidence, although there are fixed products I buy from specific stores, like this one. 

I try to shop mainly local, whenever I have time to visit local open markets, or from the eco stores. I also shop from "conventional" supermarkets. I have a list of things that I only buy there, because they're cheaper, or because I can't find them elsewhere. 

If I had the time, I'd wonder around the whole day finding the perfect products. I have a good eye for "real" products, and I enjoy discovering new things that make me feel good. 

Thanks for watching this video, watch this space for Part 2. 

And remember to buy food and products that make you feel good! Only what makes you feel good...

Sofia, xxx