A Second Chance

I have all these love stories. I think I have more than the average person. Because I don't give up easily on anything. I get disappointed, and discouraged, and it's not always for the better. But if it works, I get more to love. 

N0, think about it. Either you win, either you lose. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you got one plus of that. That's a great deal for just giving it another chance. Like my big matcha tea discovery. 

First time I tried matcha, it didn't go well. I had some good strong coffee in the morning and 3 kids playing in my living room. And I decided that that day was a good day to have my first cuppa. I also decided that half a tsp wasn't enough so I threw in a bit more. 

Flavour wise it was good. I mean I like green tea so this was like strong green tea. So a friend passed by to pick up something, kids were roaming around, and I was in this totally zen and alert state of mind. It almost felt as if I was dealing with meaningless things while my brain was solving all the world's problems. I took the kids to a gym class and on the way back home I decided that matcha wasn't my thing. Needless to say that till late that evening I was in such a clear state of mind I ticked off my list all my administration tasks. 

A week later I decided to give it one more try before giving it away to a friend. And this time it went much better, a love story. Half a tsp, not too much caffeine before, a good plan on where I want to take me mind, and no prejudice. 

Keep notes:

  • Good quality organic matcha. It's expensive but it's either that, or don't try it at all. 
  • The colour should be a vibrant green, not dark. 
  • If you're new to this, just half a tsp (really half) is enough.
  • Let the boiling water cool off for a few minutes before pouring it into a cup.
  • The froth. I should write a separate post just for the matcha froth. I got a bamboo whisk but I'm not so happy with my whisking technique. You need to whisk for at least 2 minutes. And the foam might not be like the one you see on YouTube videos. Probably not. Don't get discouraged. Enjoy it, it's just as delicious. And keep the idea of a lovely frothy matcha for when you're ordering it at your favourite cafe. 

Give more chances.  The worst: you'll lose something you didn't have. The best: you'll win a new love.