I Tried Yoga Nidra And Here's What Happened

I tried Yoga Nidra a year ago. Being me, my usual self and my monkey brain, it was an amazing experience. Do you know the Headspace App? Well, I thought it was going to be something like that but it ended up being so much more. Now I’m practicing two times a week, during lunch break or after 3 pm if work permits. The main thing I get out of it, which is surprising, is that I feel totally regenerated the same way as when I have a good night sleep. Like something instantly resets my whole being. I feel light, just like taking an 8hr power nap (it’s been years since I had a power nap). To say I’m hooked it’s an understatement.

Ever since last year, I tried it with 3 different teachers and all experiences were beautiful. Different but still very beneficial. It depends, of course, on how you feel on the day, how’s your brain working, stress levels, but in general I had a similar experience with regards to the positive impact the sessions had on me.


So what is it about?

  • It’s like guided meditation but it feels like your body is separate from your emotions;

  • The teacher has a script, which follows Yoga Nidra requirements in terms of pace, story, voice;

  • It feels like you’re floating;

  • There’re no sounds but you hear everything;

  • After you wake-up, you don’t remember what was the “story” about but when the teacher talks about it you start remembering;

  • Some people fall asleep, which I wouldn’t recommend unless it’s Nidra for falling asleep. In this case, the teacher will guide you to fall asleep instead of waking you up.

I know it’s not enough but I just wanted to give you a first general introduction to Nidra. I’ll do more research and I’m starting my RYT Nidra training in a couple of months time, I can’t wait! I’ll be not only complementing my yin-yang classes with a Nidra practice but I’ll also help people with productivity issues during the day. Can you imagine being able to have a 10’ reset during the day, to forget what stresses you out? Or to make you more creative? How about feeling energised and very productive after you get off the mat? Or maybe going straight to bed to sleep your best sleep after a late-evening session? Yes, that sounds amazing and trust me, it’s feasible. See you in my classes soon.

Stay around!