I Tried the Barre Workout

I tried Barre and I was happy to see a few ladies older than 40 in class. I'm used to yoga classes, where no matter the studio or area in Amsterdam, everyone is in their 20s. With a few exceptions. Anyway, not that I mind. But whatever happened to older fit ladies? We need to come back to that. 

So, barre. I'm not going to write an article about what it is and how/why it's everywhere lately. You can google and read about that. I'll tell you what I think, no facts just my experience. And I only took one class so keep that in mind. 

It's a bit more like Pilates, core, and butt/upper thigh exercises. And Releve Plie (on your toes, bent your knees and go deep kind of thing). I know what you're thinking. It's very ballet styled but it's not that you're going to feel like a ballerina. I hate to break it to you but it's not a ballet class.

I went to class prepared for a Pilates/ballet session (will I dance?). The props are the usual, the brick, the bands, and dumbbells (the only thing I never used before during a yoga/Pilates class). The teacher was good, a bit too much energy but that's what I think about all teachers lol. The exercises are hard, warm-up was serious work and the "dancing" part where you hold the bar and go on your toes was close to excruciating. And there's no dancing involved, sorry to say. There's tucking. Neutral spine guys, neutral spine. That's for who's a newcomer and hasn't exercised for a while.

If you're used to some good core exercises, or Pilates, then it's a regular class, you'll be fine. Also, if you're new please take it easy and I hope you get a teacher that takes some time to explain exactly how to get into the poses to avoid injuries. You're targeting very specific muscle groups so you need to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. It's very different to resistance training, which is what I'm mostly used to. I've seen people during class struggling with some movements and risking lower back injuries. I feel with barre it can go really wrong if you don't get guidance. Either you won't do anything and you lost time and money or you'll injure yourself. Same as with Pilates, same as with every training. You need professional guidance especially when you start. So pay attention to the teacher (not the students around you!) and if you have doubts just ask! 

I liked the music and the yang energy. It's a great toning workout. But I'd take Pilates over Barre. As said already, I feel that there's a big chance you get an injury with Barre. Pilates teaching is body-centric. Tempo is different, you get the chance to feel the muscles you're working on. Because you have to get the chance to feel the muscles you're working on. 

Recap, what I wasn't really into were the repetitions and the constant tucking! And everything was a bit too fast. Tempo and music makes the class less boring, but in order to do the exercises the correct way you need to be focused-it's not Zumba. 

I'd do barre if I'd want a break or some fun toning exercises with Katy Perry's voice on the background. Fun! I'd do it again because I love variation and I love changing my training routine once in a while. Would I do it regularly? No, I'd much more prefer to do Pilates (although yes, I find it boring). 

If you're a barre lover get in touch, I want to ask you  a few things!

Photo by  Hudson Hintze

Photo by Hudson Hintze