Fitness Isn't About Performance

I've always been self-aware when exercising.

Am I not performing? Then it's not my thing.

For years I thought I shouldn't train if I wasn't good enough. And I tried to practice and get there but when it wasn't happening I'd give up.

Can't I shoot from far in basketball? It's not for me.

Am I the first one out of breath in long distance runs? It's not for me.

Do I keep on falling when ice-skating? It's not for me. 

But...then one day I got wiser. I studied. I listened. I noticed. And I was proud of myself because everything was also for me. Everything I liked was for me. Everything I didn't like, it wasn't. Sometimes it's so easy to force ourselves to believe that we aren't meant for things. When all we need is us to accept us the way we are. It's a cliché, I know, but clichés are very good reminders.

Is it about practice? Yes. No.

With practice, we get better. But is our goal only to get better or also to feel better? I want to get better and I practice but I'll never be in the yoga magazine cover with my right leg over my shoulder. No matter how much I practice. Because my body, my joints, are not made for this. Does that mean I shouldn't do yoga? Of course not. Because I feel awesome even when my right leg hardly reaches my hip's height. Are you lean and athletic? Good for you. Are you not? Also good for you. Do you want to practice Hatha even if your body isn't flexible enough? Nothing stops you.

Will you ever get a yoga body? Maybe not. Does it matter? Maybe not.

Think about it.

It's not a competition (unless you're a professional athlete). We don't have to be a certain way. The same way we decide to draw or paint even if we are not professional painters, the same way we can choose any sport we like without feeling incompetent.

No judgment, no comparisons, no forcing ourselves. 

Go out there and do what you like. Even if you're the only one running out of breath. 


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