My 5 Favourite Running Apps

My friend Valeria asked me the other day if I knew any good running apps. There were no running apps back then, when I started running. Or actually there were no smart phones at all. I started running with a friend. I remember my first run lasted 12' and I was breathless, like I really stood there in the park for a long time, trying to recover. 

After that I started running with my music, the good lil’ iPod. I tried many running apps ever since. It's because apps give me the opportunity to set my goals straight each time it starts to get boring. I love change and the kick you get from trying out new things. I also like cheering, and a good motivation coach shouting on my ear. Not always, but great for those days that I lack discipline.

I made a list of my 4 favourite running apps. You can find many more, I’m sure many of you used some of them already. If there’s a running game that you are crazy about, please do share with us! I’ll test it and make sure it’s added on the list.

Get your smart phone ready and kick-start your motivation with a running virtual pal. These are the apps I tried before:

  • Runkeeper My absolute favourite, the one I always go back to.

Pros:  Easy to use, nice simple interface, a few clicks needed depending on what you need it for (hello user experience people), you can easily customise your run, can share running experience/routes with friends, you can listen to your Spotify (or any other app) at the same time you receive audio updates, pre-plans your routes if you need to, nice half marathon and marathon plans, good activity reports.

Cons: Some annoying ads and reminders to upgrade to the paid version (you should do that if you want to unlock the full potential of the app), issues with locking the screen, your date probably sold to 3rd parties (mostly the case with free apps). 

  • Zombies, Run Ok this is a great immersive game. If you love to be challenged and play a game at the same time, then zombies can chase you around. Seriously this can really work and you can find yourself running easily your first km without realising it. If you are a person that needs concentration to run, don't try it. I normally use it when I'm a bit bored and I need a goal to run. There's also a programme for new 5k runners (you can buy for 2,39).

Pros: Easy to use, you can opt out of the programme and choose what you want to follow, nice plans, you can keep track of previous workouts, good activity reports, the free version has a free mission each week, very motivational if you want to improve your running time lol.

Cons:takes a lot of phone space, a bit slow when downloading, you need the paid version if you want to continue and unlock more stories, not easy to concentrate if you want to follow a steady rhythm, or clear your head.


  • Couch to 5k (C25K) Great app if you want a programme that will get you out and running without giving up. I tried it just to see how the plan is working. Nice motivation, it's the perfect app if you don't run but would like somewhere to start from. It's good coaching for whoever wants to start with no running experience. 

Pros: plans and tracks your runs, easy to use, great coaching from walking to running, good interval training, compatible with Spotify, good activity reports. 

Cons: not an app for advanced runners (but then you know what to expect just by the app's name).

  • Runtastic Running and Fitness This app is similar to Runkeeper. I didn't use long enough because I had a new phone back then and I decided to install the Runkeeper again. Something to do with the comfort of previous choices. It's a nice app as well, easy to use, good user experience (relevant to what you pay or don't pay for- if free version keep that in mind).

Pros: easy interface, plans and tracks your trainings, good interval training, compatible with Spotify, easily customisable.

Cons: Some annoying ads like with the Runkeeper, slow to launch sometimes, you need the paid subscription soon to unlock more features if you are an advanced runner. 

Anyone convinced to start running after this review? I hope so guys. 

Be well, be fit.