The Secret Life Of A Berry

First things first, I’m not a food artist. I don’t create recipes with the goal to make dishes look beautiful. It’s just that my food should look nice to me because I've always been a fussy eater. And yes, berries have a secret life of their own.


I understand that not everyone has time to make complicated, arty designs, with their food. I don't either. 

What I learned throughout the years, being a student, a busy partner, a working girl, and an inventive mum, is that it takes the same time to put something beautiful on the table as it takes to put something messy looking. As long as it’s simple, it’s effortless. I say no to super productions, and fancy recipes.  I also say no to recipes with many ingredients and way to many steps to follow. There’s no reason to make fruit shapes or buy the most unheard of ingredients just to have breakfast. If you do that for your Instagram, and this is really your job, then that’s great. I’ll follow you. If you do it once in a while because it's something you like and you release your creativity, that's also nice. If not, stick to beautiful basics. We all know real life, right?

Berries are these photogenic little fruits that everyone uses when they need to impress. And they are so abundantly used in food pictures. The secret is that because of their cute colour and playful consistency they cover up all mess ups. And mess ups mean you follow a real story. And that's good because we like real.

I love berries because they make breakfast look nice. They also make a simple panna cotta look lush. And they make my son at least consider having breakfast. Berries are a great source of antioxidants, their slightly sour taste goes so well with yoghurts or porridge or nutty creams. They look gorgeous and will make you try even food combos you never thought you liked.

Breakfast bowls are easy and simple. I know it’s hard to believe, especially if you are hanging out on Instagram. This one is with: 


✓almond milk  

✓red berries   

✓ and lots of cocoa nibs.

It’s difficult to be disciplined unless you make something as attractive as those kids’ cookies on your kitchen counter.  You won’t make it always, and the processed chocolate bar or brownie might win you over. But even if you change your breakfast habit once a week, it’s a win.  

So have a breakfast bowl every once in a while. If you can have carbs, add fruit. If you can have dairy, add yoghurt. If you can have starch, add grains.

Let me now how it goes.