Have Your Coffee

I don't know if joining the food and health hype is something that comes naturally with age. I feel though that the more I post on social media, the more relevant I become. 

I don't believe in certainties, unless scientifically proven. Everything else is personal and you find your way just by listening to your body and mind. 

The discussion between the very 'healthy' and 'fitness' oriented folks, and the ones who laugh everything off as another hype, is getting somehow funny. Or that's what I think from what I read on social media and from discussions with friends (on a side note, the older the person, the stronger the opinion. I'll write about that some other time).  

Going back to the hypes, on that one side there's the supplements' glorification, the protein powders (who are you nowadays if you don't take protein powder?), the plant based recipes, vegan, raw food, perfect body shapes (show off your body progress). On the other side there's luscious cakes, pastas, pizzas with tons of cheese, you-only-live-once, cherish-the-little-things (that's the greasy pizza) vibes. 

The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to show myself and others that there's a middle way. If you feel like the odd one out, count me in.

Sometimes I seem untrustworthy even to myself - how can I say to a friend that she shouldn't eat chocolate first thing in the morning, when I sometimes have a bucket of coffee as early as I open my eyes? Here's the thing, I'll say it. And I'll say it to myself as well, 'Try not to do it'. I'll also say, 'If you feel like it, go ahead and have your chocolate'. And I'll have my coffee first thing. Some few times. I never refrain from anything I want to do. I just bounce back.

Balance what you wish for with what you crave. I consciously love my guilty habits but I know I need to stay clear most of the times. Positive reinforcement works great sometimes. For all other times, do what feels right for you. 

So have your coffee. Enjoy it. See how you feel. And bounce back.

Make good.