I’ve been a corporate employee for more than 10 years. I know what it means to finish work and try to squeeze some physical activity before or after dinner time. I’m familiar with the desks and the chairs, the lunch breaks behind the computer, the project hand-over stress, the long meeting hours, neck and back issues, high workload periods. And because I’ve been there I know what employees need from a physical perspective in order to perform their best at an emotional and cognitive level. Now, I work with companies offering fitness workshops and classes that have an instantly positive effect on the employees’ working life.


  • Unwind Yoga workshops, 2hr (focused on relaxation and stress-relief exercises)

  • Lunch Fitness Yoga classes, 1hr (focused on reenergising body and mind)

  • Lunch Yoga Nidra sessions, 30’ (focused on restart and reset energy levels)

  • Day Fitness & Productivity Training/Fitness Workshops/Business Events (read more here)

If you're interested in one of the business classes or if you’d like to suggest something different that fits your company's needs, please send me an email at